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Take 1 capsule per 3-4 alcoholic drinks at the end of your night
(not the morning after - this is not a hangover cure)

Wake up with a noticeable difference to your hangover

Blend of natural extracts including hovenia dulcis (oriental raisin tree or DHM), prickly pear cactus, milk thistle plus many others

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- The Hangover Hero -

        Carefree mornings

        without the reminder of the night before


        The Hangover Hero - 30 capsules

        30 capsules sealed and packaged securely.
        Serving suggestion: Recommended intake of 1 capsule per 3-4 standard drinks (at least 2 per night)
        Mix of vitamins & herbal extracts. No pharmaceuticals.
        Shelf life of 2 years from date of manufacture.

        Increase your productivity

        Even after a big night