About Us

Founded in 2014 by a medical doctor to reduce the after effects of alcohol, The Hangover Hero aims to help prevent the toxic side effects of alcohol before they even happen. It's no surprise, a common question often asked of doctors is how to prevent a hangover from happening, or what the best hangover cures are. The answer actually lies in a hangover remedy that works on hangover prevention rather than masking the symptoms once a hangover has already started.

This specially formulated dietary supplement was created after extensive research into the specific needs of your body after a large quantity of alcohol. The hangover remedy aims to prevent the toxic break down products which are responsible for causing the typical signs of a hangover. In addition, it provides a number of vitamins your body is known to deplete after the diuretic effects of alcohol kick in. The only thing we can't provide you with is water, which is vital for a much smoother recovery.

The Hangover Hero uses a FDA approved and certified lab in the USA where all the products are made. From here, the products are shipped on the same day orders are made. Only ingredients with the highest purity available are used for The Hangover Hero. At this stage, The Hangover Hero is only sold on our website and plans have been made to reduce the shipping times outside of the USA, particularly the UK and Australia.

 All feedback is welcomed at info@thehangoverhero.com. Refunds are given if you are not satisfied the product made a difference - we just ask you provide us with some feedback on the amount of drinks and the number capsules of taken.